Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boot Smack!

Ok... I might not be the best Mom but, I think I'm doing pretty good with the three kids I have. Matt and I get complements all the time when we are in public of how well they behave and their use of good manors! It might not be much but, it's reassurance that we are trying the best we can to raise our little boys into great and strong men! I would have to say that the most important tool to raising our boys has been love and discipline. We might be more on the strict side of parenting at times but, we also understand that at times boys will be boys! Trust me on this...we know this statement to be very true. Just ask about our middle child...I've got stories. Well we ran into a women today who had to use those tools w/ her son today!

This morning me and the two youngest boys went to McDonalds for playgroup. We have a small group of moms w/ mostly boys that try to meet on Wednesdays. Well Owen wanted breakfast at McDonalds so we got there around 10 this morning and about 10:30 the rest of the chicks showed! As we are sitting there here comes some little boy to play in the playground. Owen right away sees that this kid is about his size so he starts a lil convo and we find out the boys name is RJ and he's 3! Moms are just sitting on the side lines talking about my wonderful moment that happened the morning before. I came down stairs in T-shirt and undies to find my Husband and his golfing boys there all staring back at me...wonderful! Do you know how many jokes I heard about this! All of a sudden I hear RJ's mom call him and say it's time to go! RJ runs up to the table and picks up his rain boots and launches one across the room. My reaction...Wow! Mom's face is completely blank...she is not surprised at all. Next thing I know here comes boot number 2 right at mom's head. No lie...this boot smacked her right up on the side of the face knocking her glasses off and a few feet away from her. We knew this boy was about to get it! Nothing! I repeat...Nothing! Mom stood up grabbed the kids coats, put them on and then walked them out to the car. Now while all this is happening, the manager comes out and stands at the door and one of the mamas in our group Shirley Temple (names changed to protect the innocent) sat there staring at the mom with her mouth opened as wide as she could! Complete shock! We all figured when she got to the car Mom was going to loose it! She had to be fired up by now. If it was me you would have been able to see the smoke coming out of my ears. She puts the kids in the car and drives off! Shirley is still in shock but, finally closes her mouth after about 2 minutes!

What a way to start your morning....breakfast at McDonalds, a little play time, and a shoe across your face! And where ever our mystery woman is this morning I hope you are OK!

PS. 4 misspelled words!