Monday, January 26, 2009

Will I ever get to the laundry?

Well we had a busy weekend. On Friday night we had some of the kids friends over...Nolan, and Deshawn. We took all five boys to the batting cages to hit some balls before baseball season starts. Deshawn, Owen, and Nolan are all planning on playing at New Hope this year and Bailey is playing golf at Plantation. Well after the cage we came home, ate pizza, and played Rock Band till their Dad picked them up at about 10 pm. Not doing laundry this night...maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, was the start of Matt's softball season. The start of Epic Softball. This was the first time this particular group of guys have ever played together. All I have to say is we have some work to do. It was still fun. The day started with breakfast @ Chick-fil-A, a quick trip to Walmart for baby wipes, and then off to the field. The kids were excited to begin the season. The boys got to play with their cousin, Ethan and Aaron got to hang out with Mama Chelsea (our softball babysitter). While playing on the playground Bailey fell off the merry-go-round and fell in a mud hole. He was covered from head to toe. He even had mud in his underwear. After a trip to the local Walmart he had a new ensemble to wear and I had another load of laundry to do. After our 0-2 tourney we headed out to eat with Pauly (the boys honorary uncle) and the Pettett's (with an E) and the Pettitt's (with an I). When it's always a large group of us we always seem to end up at Chilli's @ the Avenues. They know us the minute we walk in! Sad I know! After getting home it was 10 o'clock and I wasn't about to start laundry now!

Sunday we started our morning at church. We had great music this weekend. Started off with some Journey and then one of my fav's...Here I am to Worship by Hillsong United. We are starting a new family series called "Yours, Mine, and Ours". After church Matt took Bailey and Owen to his softball practice and me and Aaron took a small nap. I know this would have been a great opportunity for me to get the laundry done but, I am a stay at home mom and naps are just unheard of these days. Once the kids got home we made a fast trip through the McD's and off to Cohen's birthday party @ Bounce-n-Beans. The kids had a blast. The kids jumped and the parents had a food fight with the left over icing. Michael got covered! There is nothing has exciting then a food fight! The rest of the night was spend laying around on the couch watching some old movies. I had two opportunities to do laundry to day but, it was Sunday...isn't this suppose to be the Sabbath?

Well the kids are up and ready to start their day so I guess so must I. Off to the gym and then home guessed it....laundry!

PS. Only two missed spelled words today!