Friday, May 22, 2009

What You Crave...

On a sad note...back in December 08 my Uncle was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Him and his family have been going through a very difficult time! The doctors give him maybe a month to live so my mother and I flew up to St. Louis to say our goodbyes and also visit w/ my Grandparents who love there! Now I love to fly but, this trip was not a good experience! On the way up we had to fly through a thunderstorm...major turbulence! People were closing their window shades and praying! Flight back wasn't so great either. While staying at the hospital for three days it was nice every once in awhile to get out and drive around the city. St. Louis is one of the oldest cities I've ever seen! Just wish I had a bride with me...could have turned out some awesome pictures with those locations!

On a good note....while driving around the city I came across something that made me super excited! I even did my mouse! (close and old friends will know what that is!) I found the best possible thing I could of ever dreamed of...A White Castle!

I was so excited! I haven't had White Castle since I was 10! GA only has Krystals which I just can't's nothing like the real thing! So after going through the drive-thru and getting my number 1 value meal...4 white castles w/ onions and ketchup (got to love that they use ketchup and not mustard) and get this...a SWEET TEA! The only place in St. Louis that had Sweet Tea! Up there if you ask for tea you get hot tea! No thanks! I love a place that can mix a little of the north and the south! Perfect!!! Have to say this was the highlight of my trip to MO!

My Sweet Tea!

1 of 4 White Castle Burgers!

On the way back to the hospital I stuck my camera out the window and took a picture of gorgeous sky!
p.s. Spellcheck found 5 misspelled words...rough day!